Helping you focus on growth.

Our goal is to help you focus on growing your business. We understand back-office tasks are not the core of your business but it is still a necessity to keep things running. That’s where TaskJugglers come in.

Whatever needs you may have, you can rest assured that we’ll have the perfect team to get things done.

Our company has the ability to multitask and provide you with a wide array of services. We can juggle between providing accounting services, IT software maintenance, virtual assistants, web development and design but it doesn’t end there. We are constantly expanding and adding more talented individuals to our team.

TaskJugglers (Emak Enterprises) was founded on 2008 by Emak Briones. A visionary who believes in the power of innovation and technology. The company started out as a call center that only offered outbound calls. As the concept of assistance evolved, there was a growing demand for the company to go beyond what they started and expand services to encapsulate several back-office tasks.

TaskJugglers noticed that several businesses had trouble focusing on their core operations due to back-office tasks taking a huge chunk of their time. TaskJugglers saw this as an opportunity to help businesses free themselves of the responsibilities of running other tasks so they can redirect their energy to their company’s growth and core operations.