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Results Coach Program​

We Help Your Team Reach Their Performance KPIs

Through coaching support, Taskjuggler’s Results Coaches help your virtual team members prioritise their tasks and achieve their Performance KPIs. Should any misunderstanding arise between clients and their virtual staff, Results Coaches will act as liaisons.

Daily Huddle

Every day, your virtual team members’ Results Coach will work with them to obtain clarity on their tasks. If you have no tasks for your virtual staff that day, they will select from your default pool of tasks for Virtual Assistants and communicate this with you.

4-Minute Daily Huddle

Weekly Focus Meeting

Each Friday, your virtual staff meet to plan for the week ahead. They assess how well they’re achieving their performance KPIs. If a virtual team member is facing roadblocks, the Results Coach can help your virtual team member discuss this with the right person in your organisation. You can join these weekly sessions via audio-video conference.

15-Minute Weekly Focus Meeting


The Results Coach leads this strategic session between your virtual team members and their direct manager. This helps keep your virtual staff aligned with your strategic direction.

90-Day Reset